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Radically Inclusive

We are Beehive

Beehive is not the sort of thing that happens overnight.

When Katie started this project, it was little more than a single service room and herself. Far from being a lone wolf though, Katie was committed to surrounding herself with committed client that both gave and expected mutual respect, as well as staff who understood that offering clients kindness and self-presence was as crucial as providing them with an excellent service. Although it took River coming along to capture the vision into words, Katie chose every Beehive babe intuitively with the following values in mind: radical inclusivity, body neutrality, and loving community.

Beehive is a waxing salon and wellness collective built on the principles of radical inclusivity, body neutrality, and loving community.​

Meet The Team

Katie Marks

☀Pisces || She/Her || Owner/Cosmetologist

Katie’s mission in creating Beehive was more than just an intention or a business model. She was inspired to create an environment where people feel comfortable enough to be themselves, and where each client feels welcome and validated.

Originally from Miami, Katie moved to New York City 10 years ago to hone her skills and found herself in Sacramento in 2013. Since landing in Sac, Katie has worked diligently to provide clients professional, precise and time-efficient cosmetology services, education and advocacy.

In 2016, her passion for empowering people to be the best versions of themselves through self-love and self-care, prompted her to open Beehive Waxing. Just as her passion for empowering people led her to opening her own business, that same passion drives Katie’s involvement in Sacramento’s small business community.

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Yvonne Gutierrez

☀Pisces || She/Her || Esthetician

is Beehive’s resident cool mom. Mom to two human kids, Aminah and Jadon, two dog babies Ziva and Milo, and a former ultramarathon runner (like honestly, wtf), Yvonne would spend everyday exploring the forest, rivers, and mountains outside Sacramento if she could.

Yvonne became an esthetician in 2019, and since then has brought her skincare brilliance, warm energy, and deep kindness into Beehive every day she spends with us. Accepting compliments isn’t her strong suit (yet), so don’t tell her we said all this nice shit about her, k?

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Araceli Gutierrez

☀Capricorn || She/Her || Esthetician

is the newest addition to our service team, and we can’t imagine how we survived before or without her. Beehive brow queen, mama to a handsome husky boy named Yeezy and drinker of many Red Bulls, Celi will have you leaving feeling like her new best friend. Celi was drawn to Beehive because of its energy and commitment to inclusivity.

“I wanted to try local after the pandemic,” she says. “Katie treats everyone like family, and Beehive empowers me to provide a better quality service than I could before.”

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River Paasch

☀Virgo || They/Them || Business Manager & Receptionist

The Robin to Katie’s Batman, you’ll probably see Riv’s bright face when you walk in, their cool-ass graphics on instagram, and their energy spreading throughout the space on a daily basis.

When they’re not at Beehive, River is a barista, an author of recent HarperOne release Millenneagram, and a budding expert on all things personality & psychology. They’re headed back to school to get their masters in East-West psychology in the fall, and we can’t wait to cheer them on.

They are committed to making your visit safe, fun, inclusive, & affirming.

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Allyssa Okabe

☀Aries || She/Her || Front Desk Babe

Allyssa Okabe hails from the beautiful island town of Kaneohe, Hawai’i, and brings her kindness, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail into Beehive every day.

A recently graduated esthetician herself, she was drawn to Beehive because of its inclusivity & commitment to advocacy for bigger-bodied people, LGBTQIA+ folks, and other marginalized communities.

Allyssa is currently in school to become an aesthetics nurse, and loves talking all things body image related, sharing vulnerably about her own journey with loving and caring for her body.

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Taylor Hurd

☀Cancer || She/Her || Nail Artist

Distinguished Nail Artist, Taylor Hurd, is now located at Beehive. Taylor’s magnificent style + creativity make each set of nails unique. She will create your perfect set from plain polish to unique individual patterns + designs. Taylor not only uses state of the art products + techniques, but she has developed her own techniques as well during her five years of experience. She has crafted thousand of sets of nails, + has been featured in publications such as InStyle, Nails Magazine, + Cosmo France.

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Kaila Grace

☀Cancer || She/Her || Permanent Makeup Artist

Grace Aesthetics Permanent Cosmetics is located within Beehive Waxing. Owner + tattooist Kaila specializes in custom eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, & dermal needling. With over two years of progressive experience in the permanent cosmetics industry & over 1,000 faces perfected, Kaila offers the most innovated techniques to enhance your natural beauty. In creating partnership between her clients & her wealth of knowledge about skin, facial structure, pigment, + more, Kaila brings beauty & confidence to every face she touches.

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Beehive is a waxing salon and wellness collective built on the principles of radical inclusivity, body neutrality, and loving community.


Beehive Policies


Beehive Waxing is open Tuesday through Saturday.

It’s easy to make, cancel or reschedule appointments for Beehive Waxing online through Vagaro.  Just click on the link below!

If you are planning for an upcoming trip or special event it’s a good idea to book several weeks out.

Salon hours are based around booked appointments. Walk-in appointments are subject to availability.

Please be aware that your temperature will be taken upon arrival & hand sanitizer administered.

We will no longer be accepting cancellations or running-late notifications through social media.

Please call (916) 281-9518 if you’re running late for an appointment or need to reschedule.

Keep in mind that appointments must be moved or canceled 24 HOURS before the time of your appointment.

Cancellations & Fees

Beehive Waxing is an appointment based salon. Arriving late for scheduled appointments, late-cancellations, and skipped appointments have negative impacts on our business.

Please call us if you are going to be late to your scheduled appointment. If you are running more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, you will need to be rescheduled.

If you are unable to make your appointment, please cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If you cancel after that time, you will be billed a $15 ‘Late Cancellation Fee’ if service value is between $1-$50, $30 if between $51- $80, and $50 if your service value was $81 or above.

If you skip your scheduled appointment, you will be billed a ‘No-Show Fee’ of 100% of your scheduled service.

New Genderless Waxing at Beehive

As of March 1, 2021, we will be rolling out genderless genital waxing services at Beehive. Here’s what you need to know:

~ If you have previously received a genital wax at Beehive, the price you pay will not change. Price will vary between $61 -77  based on the training required for your service. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (916) 281-9518.

~ Your waxer will inform you whether to book Genital Wax (15 min) or Genital Wax (30 min) for your next service.

~ If you’ve never received bikini services at Beehive before, you will ALWAYS book Genital Wax (First Time Client), regardless of how many times you’ve received a genital wax previously.